Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Secret to Long Lashes

Years ago I found out about eyelash extensions. I went nuts! I had to have them!
So I shelled out $400, and patiently laid on a table for 3 hours for my initial set. If you aren’t familiar with lash extensions, a technician will surgically glue one “fake” eyelash to every single one of your real lashes (hence the 3 hours) After that, you would go back every 2 – 4 weeks for a fill to replace any lashes they fell out. I was hooked! Even without makeup they make you look glamorous! I kept going back for longer and longer lashes each time. This lasted about 3 months before I got sick of going back every few weeks and ran out of money.

After I got them removed I think I cried for about a week straight. The extensions somewhat damaged my natural lashes and made them short and stubby. I went from one extreme to another. Lash extensions would be great as one time application for a special event like a holiday or a wedding. But trying to maintain them for an extended period of time was not a good decision, at least for me. They have come down a lot in price over the years, but just make sure if do decide to get a set that the technician is certified. After all, someone is using surgical glue around your eyes…

But don’t worry, all hope is not lost. Years after that I discovered “Ageless Lashes”. This a clear serum you put directly on your eyelashes twice a day and it will make your natural lashes grow! It honest to god it works! I noticed a huge difference in my lashes after using it for a few weeks. And the best part is if you stop using it, it doesn’t make your lashes shorter or fall out like other products on the market. Everyone I know who uses it, loves this product. And it’s even great for thinning eyebrows too!

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