Friday, August 23, 2013


Have you ever been to the Sage store? Well my sister and I went and I just had to share this with you!

Sage is a natural wellness store that sells are sorts of amazing smelling essential oils, home and bath & body products. It’s Canadian owned and operated and everything is 100% natural.

One of the coolest things in this store is their Essential Oil Nebulizers. These are basically cool air humidifiers that you can add anyone of their amazing smelling diffuser blends to and it will diffuse the scent throughout the room. They have a wide variety of scents all of which are good for different things. For example the “Liquid Sunshine” diffuser blend revives the mind and body like a sunny day. And the “Immune” diffuser blend fortifies the immune system. I broke down and got the Deluxe Diffuser Blend which has 10 different scents. I have the AromaOm for my living room and it keeps the house smelling great and keeps me calm and relaxed while I stress out watching Pretty Little Liars.

They also carry natural remedies for things like allergies, stress, headaches and chest colds. And the list goes on and on! You can take peek through all of their products here.

Just go to the store (and don’t forget your credit card) you won’t be sorry! :)

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