Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Garage Re-Organize

It’s hard to keep a garage organized. It’s an out of sight, overspill storage place for most people. For us, it’s our primary storage place. (Can’t wait until we get a house with a basement!)

We were lucky enough to have my Step Dad build us a shelving unit a while ago. If you, or if you know someone who is handy this is definitely the way to go. The supplies are inexpensive, it’s custom and it’s sturdy. The people that lived here before us, god bless them, made shelves over head on the walls. These are great for luggage, or seasonal items.

We used to have a bunch of smaller transparent bins which contained the mess but didn’t hide it. So I upgraded us to larger blue bins. Since you can’t see what’s inside the new bins, I used whiteboard labels to mark them. These are nice because if you end up using the bins for something else down the road, you can easily change the label without leaving a sticky goo behind from the previous label.

We used all sorts of hooks and hangers on the walls for bikes, brooms, mops, extension cords etc. I also incorporated shoe racks, and a huge bin for dog food. It's nice to have everything organized, up off the floor and into it's place.

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