Sunday, November 02, 2014

Fresh Pressed Juice Review

To date, I have tried 3 different juiceries. I started out wanting to do a juice cleanse, but more recently I just decided it was good way to get some extra fruits and veggies in me. I feel so much better when I eat healthy, I truly am my own worst enemy at times.

Even having a few juices a day helps me remember that and get me back on track with a more healthy and balanced diet.

I found that a full on cleanse almost resets your body and your cravings, which is nice, because if you don’t crave junk, then it’s a heck of a lot easier to avoid it.

Buying fresh pressed juice is expense and it’s even more so when you do a multiple day cleanse. In my mind, you’re getting good value in what you’re buying as the bottles are a good size and to make that much juice, it would take a lot of fruits and veggies. And the best thing is no cleanup for you. Just adorable bottles filled will nutrients.

Anyway, people are always asking about my experiences and which ones I liked the best so here it is!

Total Cleanse

When I first started looking, not a lot of places delivered to Calgary. So my choices were limited. But Total Cleanse seemed like a good fit, so I ordered a 2 or 3 day cleanse (I can’t remember) Even though they are located in Toronto, they deliver across Canada.

I opted to select my own juices for my cleanse as I knew right off the bat the Cashew Milk had no place in my fridge. For some reason, it’s didn’t appeal to me at the time. So I got a selection of the others.

The start day of my cleanse, I can home to a box of juices packed on dry ice. I was so pumped to try it out. So the following morning, I packed my juices in my bag and headed to work. I was already hungry so I cracked the first one right away. I think it was the Lemon Rush….not very tasty. I got through it but it took hours as I could only manage a slip at a time. Finally, it was done and I was on to the Green Energy….I really didn’t care for this one. So I didn’t drink it and moved on to Very Berry, which was amazing! Which made sense as it was almost completely fruit. Needless to say, I threw in the towel on the first day. In my mind, It was hard enough to be on a liquid diet for 3 days but not likely what you could have made it impossible for me anyway.

This cleanse obviously wasn’t for me. I have noticed that since I ordered they have a new flavor, Citrus Splash which sounds like it would taste pretty good.

Glow Juicery

Once I got the hankering to add some fresh pressed juice to add to my day again, I started googling every place even remotely close to me. Learning from my experience last time I knew that finding a juciery that blended fruits and veggies would be more appealing to me, I was on a mission.

I came across Glow Juicery, and seemed to perfect. The downside being they are based in Edmonton, and don’t deliver. However, it just so happened that Andrew was working in Edmonton M-F so he could bring them back for me. Yay!

I ordered 5 juices and had them for a Friday night when Andrew got back. These juice were pretty tasty! I would buy them again but without them being local it makes it more challenging. And I find drinking juice is much easier during the week, as I tend to indulge more on the weekends. Since Andrew only came home on Fridays this was my only option. However, if you live in Edmonton, this place is worth a try!

Juice Because

On to the next! (And yes, I saved the best for last) I found these to be the best tasting juices by far! I actually enjoyed drinking them!

Not to mention they are local and come in the cutest 6 pack box! I ordered 6 to try out, 2 Betty, 2 Shirley, and a Peter, and Hank.

They seem to add ginger and/or lemon to most of their juices which I think is one of the reasons they taste so great. My favorite is Betty. But they were all wonderful. I will definitely be ordered some more juices from Juice Because, and if your live in Calgary, you should too! :)

Happy Juicing!