Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Gentle Leader

After taking Oscar to the vet for a checkup and complaining that he’s a “puller” on his leash, they suggested getting him a new harness called a gentle leader. I was intrigued. It’s a small black lead that goes over this nose and around the back of his head, basically the dog’s version of a horse bridle. This was is made for strong willed dogs that like to take you for a walk instead of the other way around. Oscar and I often play tug of war, so I was more than open to any suggestions.

During our first walk testing out the new gear I had to keep looking down to make sure I wasn’t accidentally walking a different dog. The change was crazy! He walked right next to me and hardly made any sniffing detours. However, this new found enjoyment on our walks is one sided as it will take a little bit of time for Oscar to adjust. He’s not a huge fan but thank god he is such a tolerant gentle soul. I would highly recommend this to anyone with a larger dog!

Doesn't he look super happy?! This will be the photo to use if he ever gets a passport or drivers license. :)

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