Monday, September 23, 2013

The Clarisonic

Best. Investment. Ever.

This brush is a godsend! It cleans and exfoliates your skin better than any other at home treatment.
Nothing feels better than your skin after using little guy. I’ll wash my face thinking it’s clean, and then use my Clarisonic and it will take off even more makeup that I didn’t even know was there!

It’s similar to an electric toothbrush in the sense that it has a wall charger and the brushes can be replaced as needed. You can also buy different types of brushed that focus on different things IE deep pore cleansing. You can even use it to exfoliate your body, and yep, there’s a brush for that! ;)

Although it does a deep clean, it’s still easy on sensitive skin. In my eyes, there is nothing I would change about this brush. LOVE it!

You can order one, or get more information about the Clarisonic here

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