Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Living Proof

Jennifer Aniston is known for her gorgeous hair, so why wouldn’t you try out a product that she co-owns with her stylist? My sister started using it, and you know how sisters are, so naturally I had to try it too! Glad I did, because I love it! Now don’t get me wrong these products won’t make you magically have Jen’s hair. But they will definitely accentuate what you do have. So far I have used the Satin Hair Serum, and then I used my Sephora points for a travel sized Prime Style Extender.

You’re supposed to use both on clean, damp hair. I however, am rule breaker and only use the Serum on my wet hair. I use the Style Extender once my hair is dry on the front pieces that tend to misbehave the most. The Style Extender does exactly that, keeps your style looking the way you want it, longer. Whether it’s curly or straight, it’s going to sit still. And the Serum makes gives your hair a smooth stain finish. As an added bonus, this stuff smells wonderful!

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