Sunday, October 06, 2013

Recipe Binder Make Over

When I was younger my mom had tons of recipe books. She would look through a handful of them every time she wanted to meal plan or bake something. Fast Forward 18 years and I have a total of 5 cook books, none of which have ever been opened. If I’m ever feeling inclined to make something I just search for a recipe online. This habit (along with my addiction to Pinterest) has led to a giant 3 ring binder full of random recipes. I originally had it organized by course using tabs, but I decided it would be in my best interest to divide them up into 3 smaller binders. That way my collection could grow and eventually I could use an entire binder per category (IE Appetizers, Beverages, Main Courses, Baking Etc) and then sub-divide it by sub-category (IE Muffins, Cookies, Cakes etc) using tabs within each binder. Which in theory should make it much easier to locate the recipe I am looking for.

I bought presentation binders so I could insert a spine, cover page and back page.  I ended up downloading templates from Bizuza Printables on Etsy. (My other unhealthy addiction) It's an adorable chevron design, and the color is completely customizable. I chose "Eden" as my color for my binders.

My reorganize also gave me an opportunity to sort through my recipes and ask myself “Am I REALLY going to make this?” The ones I said no to, got tossed. I had to make some tough decisions but similar to my closet clean ups I knew deep down what the answer was.

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