Sunday, November 24, 2013

We All Worry Too Much

So we bought a house! Super exciting and super stressful all at the same time. Especially since we're simultaneously selling our condo. BIG learning experience for me. Anyone that knows me knows I have been a major stress case during this whole process. To those people - I apologize, and also thank you for you support! ;)

I've been watching Grey's Anatomy while Andrew has been gone and (Spoiler Alert) there is an episode where Teddy's husband dies and long story short they talk about how people say they are having the worst day because they got a speeding ticket, or spilled coffee on themselves etc. Basically first word problems. We don't know how good our problems really are until something actually awful happens to us, like losing a loved one or battling a disease. This hit home with me since I haven't been sleeping and crying over trivial things that coincide with the beautiful house we will soon get to live in. Basically feeling sorry for myself, because I can't put up my Christmas tree, and am overwhelmed with address changes and legal documents. It was a refreshing reality check that I very much needed.

So let's make a pack to try our best to stay positive and not to sweat the small stuff! :)

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