Monday, March 31, 2014

NM Cookies

I’m sure you’ve heard the urban myth of the $250 Niemen Marcus cookie recipe. For those of you that haven’t…here’s the Coles notes version.

Someone was eating a cookie at a Nieman Marcus cafĂ© and was enjoying it so much that they asked the waitress for the recipe. She said it would cost two-fifty. The person enjoying the cookie thought two dollars and fifty cents was a steal of a deal to own the recipe so they asked them to charge it to their credit card along with everything else they had already ordered. Weeks later the cookie eater was shocked to see a charge of $250 on their credit card. When they called NM to inquire they said that was the price and they couldn’t refund any of the money as that person has already seen the recipe. So the cookie eater vowed to share the recipe with the world…and here it is.

Like most urban myths I think this story is a bunch of hooey! But none the less it makes the cookie taste that much better, and is an interesting topic of discussion while you consume said cookie.

Here’s the “original” recipe.

I halved it, as it claimed to make over 100 cookies however my halved recipe only made about 2 dozen. I also left out the nuts, used milk chocolate and semi-sweet chips, along with some grated semi-sweet chocolate. I also mistakenly left out the brown sugar but they still tasted great! (In my defense I feel the ingredients are listed in a funny order)

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