Saturday, January 11, 2014

Paper Roses & Twigs

When I ordered the red paper roses for my sister’s party I also order some of the script ones as well. I wasn’t sure what I was going to use them for but I love them so knew I would figure something out! (On as side note I think they would look amazing on top of a gift wrapped in brown kraft paper instead of a bow)

After an excursion to IKEA where I bought a large glass vase and some dark twisted twigs I busted out the glue gun in hopes of making a masterpiece! First, I arranged the twigs in the vase. I trimmed some of them down around the base as I thought it looked a little odd having them all be the same length. Then I started gluing on the paper flowers as I saw fit. Upon completion I wasn’t sure how I felt about it so I took all the sticks out that has flowers on them to make sure I didn’t like that better. And I didn’t. I thought it looked too plain so I arranged all the twigs back into the vase. This was NOT a good idea. Trying to get these curly twigs with the roses on them back into an arrangement I liked was near impossible. So I highly recommend arranging the twigs first, and once the flowers are glued on…walk away. WALK AWAY! ;)

 In total this little project only cost about $30.00 so if you do change your mind in a few years you won’t get buyer’s remorse if you want to swap out the twigs with something else!

I also ended up doing a smaller version for my office at work. For that one, I got the vase and twigs from Bouclair.

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