Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Top 5 House Warming Gift Ideas

After our big move we got some great housewarming gifts from friends and family. It also got me thinking of other ideas that I would/did find super useful so I thought I would compile a list for my future self and any other interested parties (AKA you guys!) So here are some ideas that I think would be great success!

1 – Gift Bucket of Cleaning Supplies
You cannot go wrong with this one! Personally I get super excited about this type of thing but even if the receiver doesn’t they will find it extremely useful!
Here’s a photo of the one we got: (Thanks again Julie!)

2 – Nebulizer from Sage
I have already ranted about these in a previous post as I am totally addicted!
These are basically cool air humidifiers that you can add anyone of their amazing smelling diffuser blends to and it will diffuse the scent throughout the room. My current favorite is the "Yoga" scent. It will make their new home smell amazing while adding a little aroma therapy to their lives.

3 – A Home-cooked Meal
If the mover is anything like me by the time they move in they will be craving healthy home cooking and meals that are served on a plate and not a takeout box. Chinese food and pizza gets old quickly. Bringing over a lasagne or casserole will be a light at the end of the tunnel. It took us a few days before we even had time to get groceries so by that point we had cold pizza for breakfast lunch and dinner.Yuck!

4 – Gift Certificate for having your Vehicle Detailed
After taking loads of boxes in your car having it cleaned by someone else this will be a god send! Especially since getting settled into your new place takes time, chances are you won’t be focusing on anything else for at least a month. Having your car all spick n span will make you feel so much better.

5 – Gift Basket of Useful Household Items
Things like Goof Off, Nails, Felt Furniture Pads, Light Bulbs, Extension Cords and so on. Again, this is something that will get used. And let’s be honest, as much as we need these things it really sucks having to buy them especially since moving can hard on the wallet.

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