Monday, February 16, 2015

Wedding Bliss

Andrew and I have finally set a date! For a long time we had plans to elope, to keep it easy, simple and just us. However, like I'm sure most weddings do our plans slowly snowballed into having an actual wedding. And although I'm still a fan of the whole elopement idea, I must admit I am so exited to have a wedding with our family and friends.

We've decided to keep it small and intimate, with a modern rustic feel. We are doing a morning ceremony with a lunch reception to follow. It just felt more "us" and will perfect overlooking a lake on a bright summer day.

This past weekend I finally said "Yes!" to a dress and ordered it. Which is a big relief! I never thought that trying to find a dress I loved would be so difficult! I mean, they are all so beautiful. At my first appointment (1 of 3) I felt much like Carrie Bradshaw in the sense I was missing the bride gene. They all just felt so wrong, so puffy and silly. I felt very hopeless after that appointment, I found one I liked, but didn't love. I figured I should know, get that little bride feeling, shed a tear and jump up and down. By the next appointment I was getting more into the swing of things. I had a better understanding of what I liked and didn't like. Still didn't find "the one", but figuring out what I didn't like was all part of the process. Ironically enough, after my third appointment I had come to the realization that I actually did find my dress at the first store I went to.

After getting over the initial weirdness of trying these gowns on it actually became kind of fun. So I'm glad I got to experience it, and will miss devoting my Saturdays to hauling dresses on and off and then spending the afternoon stressing over which one is "the one". Luckily, finding my groom was much easier and gave me the tingling, jump up and down feeling right away. ;)

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