Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Quest Bars

The quest for the perfect snack will end here, with the Quest bar!

I have heard nothing but good things about Quest bars so I figured it was time I gave them a try.
I bought a few from the local supplement store hoping that I would start substituting a bite or two after meals as dessert instead of becoming a vortex for cookies. They have flavors like, cinnamon bun, apple pie, cookie dough, and cookies and cream. (and the list goes on, it's very extensive)

Unfortunately my local store didn’t carry the cookie dough or cookies and cream which are the two flavors I really wanted to try so I bought a variety of the others to test them out. I decided that if I actually liked them and ate them (replacing regular desserts) I could order a box or two of those flavors.

As far as protein bars go these are hands down the best bars ever! They taste awesome and are high in protein and fiber, low carb and calorie. These are great for me as it’s something I can keep in my purse if I ever start to go to that angry, hungry, if I don't eat something asap I might faint or kill someone place.

So far my 2 favs are the cinnamon roll and coconut cashew, which surprised me as I'm a choc-a-holic! I've seen people throw them in the microwave (wrapper off) to warm them up and I thought it was the strangest thing until I did it to one of the double chocolate chunk favored bars! It was just like a brownie straight from the oven or a chocolate lava cake except this little treat won't leave you feeling guilty after you finish it!

Long story short, if you haven't tried one yet, your missing out! So get off your butt and go out and go grab one already! ;)

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